Saturday, February 22, 2014

To be or not to be....unapologetically yourself

I've been giving the thought to what it means to be authentic, real and true to oneself as well as to others.   I've read a lot of self-help books and have had people in my life (friends, colleagues, family, therapist, doctor, manager) try to help me by advising me what's best for me.  While I appreciate all this advice and direction, I came to the realization that my admiration for others is actually not always the best thing.  Who knows who you are better than you yourself.  But what I have a problem with is people who are helping others while not helping themselves - as a result of this duality and not being authentic these people might actually doing more harm by "helping" than they even might realize.

I've loved helping others all my life but I've realized that it became an addiction and a distraction to not having to deal with my own "demons".  We think helping others is going to solve all our own problems but we should be taking care of ourselves first and foremost - listening to our body and what it's telling us (no not the mind).  When we are doing something good for others we feel great - fine no problem.  But we tend to project this image of positivity and wonderful and greatness but at the same time we're avoiding dealing with our own inner challenges or problems or whatever you want to call it.

We are so afraid to show that to the outside world, even social media is somewhat to blame that we want to put things that are only positive.  When is the last time you put a post that could make you "look bad".  Of course this is a generalization but I'm realizing that many people are not being true to themselves and therefore they can't be true to the outside world, even though they try there's something that just doesn't sit.

So one of my experiments is that with all that I'm posting online and also how I act in the real world, I'm trying as much as possible to be my true self and not to put any filter on what I write.  Take it or leave it that's your choice.  I don't want to be a role model or even an example for others, I just want to be myself and perhaps it will inspire others.

Showing that we are complexly yet at the same time simply beautiful beings with all the ups and downs, anger, happiness, sadness, excitement, illness, health - all of it together because that is what it is to live life and that is what it is to be human. 

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